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Driven by Bone Regeneration . Impulsados por la Regeneración Ósea

Driven by Bone Regeneration . Impulsados por la Regeneración Ósea

Health Surveillance
Anvisa – AFE


Ossis Medical was founded in 2009 to offer a complete solutions and high quality in health care by providing the best products available in the global market. In addition to offering market leading products, Ossis Medical takes great care in meeting customers and partners’ needs, becoming a reference in the provision of services and products.

The interest of its founders in the revolutionary market of biomaterials added to years of the staff’s experience in the field has turned Ossis Medical a reality. The integration of technical and administrative professionals working together, resulted in a company that emphasizesits mark of quality, and makes use of all available technological resources to achieve excellence in management.

OSSIS MEDICAL is attentive to the market’s advances and pre-established contacts with companies that own new products and technology. OSSIS MEDICAL is firmly committed in bringing innovative and top-quality materials to the Brazilian market to add what is most modern to the country’s health care system.


As is quite common to request documents from a company for screening, here on this section of the webpage we have these documents readily available.

To obtain other documents, not available on site, please contact our technical manager by calling: +55 11 4301-3714 or +55 11 4301-3715.

Overview of Organization

OSSIS MEDICAL was founded in June 2009 with the mission of “Providing safe and effective health products, keeping our processes of IMPORT, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION AND DISTRIBUTION in accordance with health requirements, contributing to the continuous improvement of health in our country.”

OSSIS MEDICAL is proud to be part of the market and being recognized as an ethical and extremely professional company.

By respecting the health requirements through our Quality Policy, we offer our customers high technology products.

Quality Policy

The Management Team, committed to the principles of Good Practices in Storage and Distribution, has the following quality policy:





Our VISION is “To be recognized for the quality of our products and agility in service delivery, be seen as an ethical company who is aware of its responsibilities”

Health Surveillance

The Ossis’License was issued by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency and published, after inspection, in the Official State Gazette of the State of Sao Paulo..

The name of the License is CMVS, Municipal Registration of Health Surveillance, which included the name of the Technical Manager of the company. In Sao Paulo, the Municipal Supervision is responsible for companies with activities such as Ossis. In 2009, Regulation 1.931/2009 was published, which exempts companies such as Ossis with CNAE 46.45-1/01, from annual revalidation of the License companies.

You will find below, in “Files”, the inspection report issued by Municipal Health Surveillance, the publication of the License on the State Official Gazette (DOSP) and the Regulation mentioned above.

If you prefer, please visit the link below to search on the São Paulo City Hall’s website, accessing CMVS on the bar to the left of the page to obtain information and clarification:

Or visit the link below, selecting the date of publication (02/25/2010) to view the CMVS’s page in theOfficial State Gazette. The publication is available on page 99.

Download of DOSP Publication

Anvisa – AFE

After receiving the inspection report issued by the Health Surveillance Agency of São Paulo, ANVISA granted Ossis Medical Authorization to Operate (AFE) in 2010.
Find the publication of the AFE (PDF) below, under “FILES”.

If you prefer, please visit the link below to search the Anvisa’s website by entering the company name (Ossis Medical, Comércio, Importação e Exportação Ltda.), the product area (Health Products) and status (active):

You can also visit the link of the National Press by selecting the date of publication (04/05/2010) or edition number (63), to view the AFE’s publication in the Brazilian Federal Register. The publication is on page 23 of this supplement, since the site offers the newspaper in its entirety.

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