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Avitus® Bone Harvester is a bone suction cannula with a 8 mm or 5 mm cutting tip.

The product is connected to a standard suction equipment and is ready for use.

Aseptic bone is harvested from the desired site and once the harvest is complete, the bone can already be removed from the device by unscrewing the cap.

The following devices (not supplied) are needed for use with Avitus® Bone Harvester:

• Wall-mounted suction device or suction source with at least 150 mmHg suction pression.
• Suction tube with 6-10 mm diameter to be connected to the product.
• Hole creator to create a pilot 10-11mm hole for target bone entry.
• Recommended: Avitus® Pilot Hole Creator.

Avitus® Bone Harvester

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