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BonAlive Granules


Testado e aprovado . Tested and approved . Probado y aprobado

Testado e aprovado . Tested and approved . Probado y aprobado

BonAlive® effectively promotes the growth of new bone:

• Stimulates new bone formation.
• Bonds chemically to bone – is bioactive.
• Induces a high but balanced local bone turnover by participating in the bone formation.
• Is slowly resorbable, which ensures long-term bone formation and sustains high bone quantity levels.

BonAlive® is safe to use:

• Fully synthetic and resorbable.
• Consists of elements naturally existing in the body.
• Biocompatible and non-toxic to tissues.
• Clinical  use: long-term clinical history with proven performance and safety.

BonAlive® inhibits bacterial growth:

• Inhibits bacterial growth (a unique feature), therefore it acts as a preventive agent against infection in all bone cavity fillings, and more importantly it works in preventing relapse of infections in e.g. treatment of chronic bone infections.

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