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BonAlive Putty


BonAlive® Putty* is a bioactive, osteoconductive and synthetic** osteostimulative filling bone cavities, which is made of bioactive glass granules 1 2 mixed with a small amount of spherical glass. It also contains a synthetic binder soluble in water, which is a mixture of polyethylene glycols (PEG) and glycerol. The binder acts as a temporary bonding agent bioactive glass. After implantation, the binder is absorbed leaving only the bioactive glass, allowing infiltration of the tissue between the beads have a number of beneficial properties.

* BonAlive® Putty was not found to inhibit bacterial growth.
** Not osteoinductive

Note: only BonAlive® Granules have the bacterial growth inhibiting effect since BonAlive® Putty has not been verified to inhibit bacterial growth.

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