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Genta Coll


GENTA-COLL® resorb is an absorbable collagen fiber product from equine tendons with antibiotic protection available in different sizes.

– Local hemostasis of capillary bleeding from parenchymatous tissue in regions with a high risk of infection.

– Can be applied to defect cavities and other residual cavities during surgery, as for example in the sacral cavity after rectum, amputation, or for soft-tissue abscesses resulting from pilonidal sinuses.

– Hemostasis in clean, clean-contaminated and contaminated wound cavities in the presence of diffuse, capillary, arteriovenous, or arterial or venous bleeding, extensive capillary bleeding from parenchymatous organs, or as a supportive measure for other procedures for hemostasis.

– In combination with fibrin adhesives.

Other product characteristics:

• Absorbable;

• Forms a temporary barrier;

• Offers antibiotic protection;

• Biocompatible;

• Naturally cross-linked (no chemical additives);

• Easily moldable once slightly wet;

• Stable structure, yet with flexible and extensible shape;

• Does not induce secretion.

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